Interventional studies

Intervention studies

To reach its aims, GrowH! will adapt two participatory intervention approaches (WP2) that will be implemented in the local contexts in Germany and Spain (WP3) respectively. The following describes the studies as originally planned. Modifications are possible as the work develops, resulting from necessary local adaptations, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intervention study 1
Intervention study 2
Title of Study
GrowH! Home-based Intervention
GrowH! Youth-led Participatory Action Research (YPAR)
To assess the feasibility of a home-based motivational interviewing intervention on obesity and related aspects embedded in a school-setting
To assess the feasibility of transferring a promising YPAR approach to the local context and to propose a scalability plan
Bremen, Germany
Zaragoza, Spain
Study to be adapted

The design for this study will be adopted from the pilot of the Guelph Family Health Study.

For further details on the Guelph Family Health Study:

Haines J, Douglas S, Mirotta JA, O'Kane C, Breau R, Walton K, et al.; Guelph Family Health Study. Guelph Family Health Study: pilot study of a home-based obesity prevention intervention. Can J Public Health. 2018 Aug;109(4):549-560. doi: 10.17269/s41997-018-0072-3

Clinical trials registration number: NCT02223234.


The design of this study will be adopted from the Kids in Action study.

For further details on the Kids in Action study:

Anselma M, Altenburg T, Chinapaw M. Kids in Action: the protocol of a Youth Participatory Action Research project to promote physical activity and dietary behaviour. BMJ Open. 2019 Mar 30;9(3):e025584. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-025584.

Trial registration number: TC=6604.

Short description of the interventions

Home visits will be conducted using motivational interviewing to provide behaviour change support that is tailored to families’ needs and preferences. Families will be invited to join through pre-exiting networks in the East of Bremen.

Action Teams with 6-8 children and a facilitator designated at each of the 2 participating schools will develop and implement interventions aimed at promoting physical activity and healthy dietary behaviours.
Who will participate?

Children aged 3-9 and their parents/families. The motivational interviews will be conducted in German.

Children aged 9-10 years attending the participating primary schools. A multidisciplinary project group will be involved, including school staff, school-canteen staff, social and policy workers to aid sustainability of the developed interventions. The study will be conducted in Spanish.
Study type

Non-randomised single arm intervention proof-of-feasibility trial

Proof-of-feasibility study
For questions please contact:

Landesvereinigung für Gesundheit und Akademie für Sozialmedizin Niedersachsen e. V. (State Association for Health and Academy for Social Medicine Lower Saxony), with executing entity

Landesvereinigung für Gesundheit Bremen e.V. (LVG), Germany

Thomas Altgeld, Principal Investigator

Universidad de Zaragoza (UNIZAR)
Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud
Domingo Miral s/n
50009 Zaragoza, Spain

Professor Luis A. Moreno. Principal Investigator

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